Saturday, December 5, 2009

They Wore Pink for Me

I work with some of the best people and at one of the best places. Yesterday, they made my day. It started with Mr. Earl. He walked into the teacher workroom with a pink ribbon pinned on his shirt. Then my dear friend Bette walked in wearing a pink shirt and a big pink bow in her hair, with pink stuff for my kids to wear too, as well as gifts for me. I soon realized they were all up to something. All the staff were wearing pink ribbons, all in support of me and my battle. It made what could have been a hard day, my last at work for a while, into a day of love and support and joy. I was showered with words of support and hugs of love throughout the day. Even the students wished me well in their own innocent ways. Carrie made me a poster on the bulletin board with hugs for me. Another dear friend, Christy brought spools of pink ribbon for my class to wear bows tied around their wrists. Boys who DO NOT LIKE PINK were begging for a ribbon. My class also made a book with their journal pages for that day. Mrs. Fairbourn had them write what they liked about Mrs. Luther. I do hope my treatments and recovery allow me to still have time at the school. I need to be there. They are healing to be with. I love my job!


  1. Jennifer,
    You should have expected nothing less. You know that we(work) would never let something this pass without a hoora(party)!!! It was an absolutely wonderful day for all involved, the staff, students, friends, etc.

    Love ya lots!!!

  2. Jennifer,
    I'm so glad you work with such wonderful people. (If any of Jennifer's co-workers are reading this, THANK YOU!) This is one of those times I wish we lived closer so I could help out. Hugs and love from me, Jen.
    Love, Aunt Nancy

  3. I agree with Aunt Nancy... There hasn't been a single day go by that I wished desperately that I were closer! I'm so grateful that you work with people that care about you so much! Big Hugs~

    Love Paige

  4. TECS is not only a great place fir our kids but for us as well. You have always been a strenghth to me I plan on returning the favor to you. Love ya, hope recovery goes well.

  5. That is so sweet!!! What a neat thing to do.


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