Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Surgery Tidbits

an update of information...

My surgery will be December 7th here at the Logan Regional Hospital. I will be staying overnight and then recover the 2-3 weeks at home. The chemotherapy will also be performed here in Logan, as well as radiation therapy should that be needed. Logan has a new Cancer Center located on the east side of the hospital. It has the latest in equipment and techniques and works closely with the Huntsman Cancer Center at McKay Dee Hospital. It will be nice to have my very own bed so close to my treatments.

Here is the link to Logan's Cancer Center.


  1. Amanda shared a link to your blog. Thanks for sharing your testimony with us and we will keep you in our prayers. You are a very strong woman and I appreciate your example.

  2. Jennifer, I am thinking about you and want to help however I can. Tricia Fuller


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