Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Lego Army

Jared's great Auntie Barbra is a 10 year breast cancer survivor. She also is a world traveler. I love to sit and talk with her. She has a unique perspective. I received an email from her this week, offering, of course, her love and support as someone who really knows. She mentioned to me, that one thing that helped her, was to picture an army attacking the cancer cells. I've been toying with that, and trying to come up with what type of army should attack my cancer cells.

Jordan was needing something to do Friday evening. He has been the one who has taken this new trial the hardest, at least outwardly. He also LOVES building with Legos. I told him about Autie's suggestion, and he went to work creating an army for me.

He has his little lego men with weapons attacking the blobs of legos which are the cancer cells. The lego men with their hands up are also cancer cells surrendering. The tank with the long green tube on the end is a needle with chemotherapy drugs.

I love my son. And he really loves me. It breaks my heart that he has to go through this too, but he will be so strong when it's all over. I love you Jordan!


  1. And, doing the lego army is theraputic for him... Something he can do to help mom. = ) You know, the best armies really are lego armies anyway. Think Lego Star Wars/Indiana Jones games. = )

  2. That is just awesome. How's that for some visualization ideas!? Some think of little chinese army men, others think of Legions of Legos. I'd say that works! And if Jordan is helping command them, I'm pretty sure you have this cancer beat! Keep your chin up. We love you!


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