Tuesday, February 2, 2010

You're Hurting

My oldest daughter, Amily, shared one of her poems with me. Her English class is just wrapping up their poetry segment. I was very touched. She said it's feelings from when I was first diagnosed.

You're Hurting

I walk into the room,
I see you crying.
You say everything's okay,
But I know you're lying.

I can't watch this.
How do I stop it?
"Just be strong, strong for me,
Nothing can make it quit"

Mommy you're hurting, you're hurting
I wanna stop it.

I'm trying to be strong,
Just for you.
By hiding what I'm feeling,
About what you can't do.

I know you're not going to leave,
I know it will be okay.
But it's hard to see you hurting,
Every single day.

Mommy you're hurting, you're hurting,
I wanna stop it.


  1. How beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Melanie

  2. Amily, you are a beautiful and thoughtful young woman. I know your mother gains strength from your love and support. Love, Aunt Betsy

  3. Amily, I'm so glad that your mom shared that poem with all of us. It's beautiful. I'm gaining strength from your family as I watch you all go through this experience/trial with your mom. Sometimes it's so hard to be a mom, or a daughter and want to change what we can't change. You've put it in words. Thank you. I love your strength. I love you. We love your mom.......my daughter. As much as we want to take it from her, the best we can do is gain strength and be there when she needs us. You are doing that, you are amazing! I love you. Love, Grandma (Janet Monroy)


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