Monday, February 15, 2010

Loving the Hills

So the more people that know about a goal, the more likely you are to keep with it. I decided this weekend that I would start going out in the morning with Jared and Amily as they do their 1/2 marathon training. Exercise is one of the best ways to fight the fatigue and I also will be switching to my new chemo drug in 3 weeks which can affect the heart. That is two reasons to get out and get as strong as I can. I do my own route and then we meet them back at the end to walk up the hill back home together.

I started this morning with them. Well, I watch them run ahead of me...speed isn't what I am going for...just getting out there and moving is good right now. I did one of my favorite routes from the summer. It's a weave to the south that involves a few hills. I love hills much more than flats (running that is, not breasts....I'm a 50/50 split on those). I love running the hills and feeling the push to get to the top. This morning I started on the first hill as a test to see if I could still do it. I started up and soon my lungs were starting to give me trouble as they did in the summer. Then the song "Pink Warrior" started on my Ipod (thanks D. for telling me about the song!) That gave me a bit of a push and I remembered a podcast I had listen to by Elder and Sister Dalton. They talked about running together, and as a family, and how their experiences made them stronger for life. One experience they shared was when they were running together on a hill and Sister Dalton wanted to stop. She told her husband and he said "You never make decisions on the hill, keep pushing". They made it to the top and she was stronger for it. I pushed to the top of my hill this morning and it felt so good.
Some days, I won't be able to make it out. I know that. I will have to listen to my body every step of the way. When I can push, I will push. When I need sleep I will sleep. But I am young, I am strong, and I intend to stay that way. Well, I intend to stay strong...age is another story I suppose. Why is it we always feel younger inside than what the calendar says? I suppose it's just another hill.

I love the hills. Running them. Fighting them. Making it to the top. I love it.


  1. Jen, I love your post today. I had never even heard of Candy Coburn. Awesome. I was just looking at the Little Red Riding Hood website for 2010. If anyone wants to get a team together I really want to do it this year. This is the link
    I was hoping for a bunch of moms and daughters. A lot of fun and it all goes to cancer research.

  2. Jen
    You are SO AMAZING. I looked at that picture in the paper today and said, "Steve, there is supposed to be picture of Jennifer in the paper, but that darn Herald Journal messed it up." He comes over and says, "That is Jennifer. Look again." What a hoot. You are teaching us all to face our problems head on - stubborn and strong.


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