Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Battle:Round Two

Well, it's back to blogging. Blogging again with the initial purpose that created stubborn-strong to begin with. The cancer has returned and it's time to battle again. The road to discovery began about a month ago. I started not feeling well when I ate, no matter what I ate. I then started itching head to toe. But of course, I would just tough it out. Whatever it was would run it's course and be gone soon. While dealing with these symptoms, I got word that a cousin had passed away in California. Ignoring what my body was doing, I headed out to be with family and help in any way I could. The symptoms came with me, although seemed to take a backseat. A tender mercy from the Lord as I was able to enjoy the time with family and assist anywhere I found a need. Once home from the trip, the symptoms escalated. Of course that was right during the 4th of July holiday and I wasn't able to get into our family doctor until the following Monday. By the I had become quite jaundice and extremely itchy. I had blood work done that day which led to an ultra sound, more blood work, CAT scan, trips to Salt Lake, MRI, liver scan, a liver biopsy and doctor after doctor reading what was going on in my insides. During the quest to find out what was wrong with my liver, one set of doctors noticed a lytic lesion on my left hip. The hip lesion took me back to my oncologist and more blood testing, another biopsy, and eventually a PET scan. DIAGNOSIS: I have metastasized breast cancer in both hips, the base of my neck, and a number of lymph nodes in my chest cavity. TREATMENT Not surgery. Not chemotherapy. At least to begin with. Because the places are quite small, we are starting with cancer suppressing drugs. If the drugs work and the marker numbers remain stable or decrease the same treatment will continue. If the marker number increases, it's back to chemo. The good news. There are little to no side affects with these drugs. The bad news...I'm living with cancer. Living with pain. Living with the knowledge that at any time, my new normal can change and send life into a real battle....a battle for my life.


  1. Tears run freely down my cheeks reading your update. I hate that this is happening to you. I had a little insight when Kyra visited us recently. We love your family so much. You'll be grateful that you've shared for one very important reason. Now, many of us can join you in prayers for peace and healing. That support is undeniable. It is tangible. It is so powerful. Much love today, and with every step you take....The Kailings <3

  2. Jennifer, you are so amazing and so strong. You will bet this cancer again just like you have in the passed and how you have helped so many people to be strong and brave. I think of you all the time and hope you know my love and prayers are with you. Your families love and example mean so much to me and my husband, you have been such good friends to us. I hope you know if you or your family need anything make sure to ask!!
    Love Kristina Johnson

  3. We are praying for you and your family. Thank you for your faith and willingness to share. We love you and your family. Melanie Rawlings

  4. Oh Jennifer I was so afraid of this when I was reading facebook I knew something was up clear over here in Africa. Miracles do happen I've seen it here in Africa. We will include you and your family in our prayers we love you so Karol and Bryce Cook

  5. You are a beautiful, brave woman of faith. I love you because I love your daughters so much! We will be fasting in your behalf tomorrow. hugs!
    Nikki Root

  6. Jennifer I was hoping that you wouldn't get this cancer back. I fell so helpless but yet by the Faith you've shown me is the past few years, and the strength and diligence to over come your battles, have inspired me and made me a stronger person, Stronger to face my battles that I have. Thank you for being my friend and kind and generous our kids in school. You have taught me a lot about being positive and strong. I love you Good luck with this bout, My prayers are with you and your family.
    Kevin Yeates


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