Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jen Blossoms

I thought I would report on how the first round of chemo has affected me as I count down the days to my second treatment on Thursday. If I have another repeat of the same side effects this next round, I will be a very happy patient.

The day of my first treatment, and the next few following hit me with a low level of nausea. As long as I kept food in my tummy, it never got bad. I had a regime of anti nausea drugs to take and another to take as needed. I never had the need to warrant taking any of the "as needed" pills.

I did have various pains through out my body. It's as if the chemo drugs are in one lump and travel from place to place affecting here a little and there a little. I also had a cold feeling deep inside for the first couple days. It didn't matter how warm I was on the outside, I was cold inside.

The biggest issue has been what feels like a chemical burn on my scalp. It started Monday morning when I woke up feeling like I had a tight little pony-tail on the front right side of my head all night. Problem was, there was no pony-tail to take out and relieve the pain. The rest of the day, more painful spots covered my head till my entire scalp burned. Tuesday the burn spread to the inside of my mouth and then from my ankles to my thighs. I thought by Wednesday morning I would be burning head to toe, and that just about did my stubborn and strong attitude in. However I slept well and woke up with only the burning scalp. That I can handle.

My energy level has been good. I have taken care to rest, and nap when possible, after school each day, but I have been able to do just about everything I have wanted to. Saturday we went to SLC and walked around the car show for a few hours and then to IKEA. I forgot my pedometer, I really wanted to know how far I walked. Regardless, my energy stayed up throughout the day, but I sure had one good long nap on the ride home!

The burn on my scalp has eased, but not before also turning into pimples all through my hair, across by upper back and chest...and moving to my face. And thus, My Jen Blossoms. Gin blossoms usually happen with drinking alcohol...mine from my chemo cocktail...but Jen Blossoms none the less.


  1. You are an amazing writer and an inspiring woman. I am trying to read your posts. It is not easy with all the tears. Not being easy doesn't seem to limit you. Thank you for sharing your journey. I am amazed by your strength. I will continue to pray for you to continue to be blessed.

  2. Dearest Blossoming Jen,

    For my money you're already quite a bloomin' rose! I'm glad the side effects are managable... I continue to be inspired by you and your journey. Much love, Betsy

  3. Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer. I have to say, you've inspired me from the day I met you. I didn't know how you did everything you managed to do BEFORE all of this happened to you, and you haven't slowed down very much since this happened. Thank heavens you have Jared to make sure you take it easy when you need to. And just to ease your mind, I have promised Steve NOT to shave my head if it comes to that. ;-D Make sure to let me know if there's anything you need or anything I can do for you!!


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